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Architecture and Design

„Smart Design and Architecture” offers full range of architectonic and interior design services, from idea to implementation.

„Smart Design and Architecture” is a company engaged in development and implementation of interior design and architectonic projects. We specialize in architecture of private as well as public buildings, reconstruction and interior design. Our philosophy is reflected by name of our company – SMART. We stand for wise, well-weighed and up-to-date architecture that serves a human, harmonizes with the surrounding environment and the function it performs. To achieve this, we put in our knowledge, the most advanced technologies and values approved in practice to create architecture and interior with added value: a narration of environment, space and people who live and interact in it as a single unit.

The company is founded in year 2012.

Architecture department:

  • Architectural solutions
  • Construction design masterplan
  • Spatial section
  • Interior design

Department of Engineering Solutions:

  • Building structures
  • Heating, ventilations and air conditioning
  • Water supply and sewage
  • Power supply
  • Low-voltage systems

Department of economics:

  • A list of the extent of construction works
  • Calculation of the costs