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„Smart Property Development” provides full range of real estate development and sales services.

„Smart Property Development” is a company of „Smart Property Group” engaged in real estate development, from business project concept to development and sale of successful end product at corresponding market segment. In „Smart Property Development”, we combine professional personalities with knowledge and lifelong experience in the field of development and implementation of real estate projects, financial and banking sector, and legal services.

The company founded in year 2005.

Real estate development strategies and financial plan

  • Market study and drafting plan for optimum use of site
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Assessment of cost-efficiency
  • Estimates of return on investments
  • Estimates of capital yield factors
  • Determination of funding amount
  • Determination of equity amount
  • Formulation of loan conditions

Project concepts and consulting

  • Market research and competition monitoring
  • Market segmentation
  • Definition of target groups and their selection criteria
  • Definition of functions (use) of site
  • Functionality of site
  • SWOT analysis of project

Legal services

  • Drafting of agreements
  • Supervision of transactions
  • Protection of customer’s interests throughout transaction

Technical management and designer supervision of project

  • Budget plan of project
  • Selection of designer and contractor
  • Design supervision and coordination
  • Project management in course of construction
  • Supervision of construction costs and timing
  • Guarantee supervision of completed construction
  • Selection of manager