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„Smart Property Management” provides a complex set of real estate administration and management services.

„Smart Property Management” is a company of „Smart Property Group” engaged in administration and management of real estate. We specialize in management of tenements and office buildings. We have set the highest possible goal – making conquest of our customers; therefore the key operating principles of our company which we are proud of and which are evident from a number of successful transactions include service quality and loyalty to customers. The key values of „Smart Property Management” include professional team, tailored approach and flexible, carefully selected range of managerial services to each customer.

Real estate management

  • Research of tenancy/lease market
  • Attracting of tenants/lessees
  • Entering into tenancy/lease agreements and supervision of contractual obligations
  • Entering into agreements and settlement of accounts with service providers
  • Calculation, collecting and control of payments
  • Formation of building accumulation fund
  • Regular accounting for application of the building funds
  • Arrangement of general meetings
  • Technical assessment of building

Attendance and maintenance of premises

  • Attendance of common use premises
  • Attendance of office premises
  • Window cleaning
  • Maintenance of lighting

Attendance and maintenance of buildings and territory

  • Attendance of territory adjacent to building
  • Maintenance of lawns and plantings
  • Removal of snow
  • Landscaping

Maintenance of buildings

  • Technical attendance of engineering networks
  • Maintenance and attendance of facilities
  • Decoration and refurbishing of building
  • Power efficiency solutions
  • Provision of utility services
  • Security services